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Class Details

Kinder Gym

Kinder Gym provides an opportunity for children aged 18 months to 5 years to work alongside their mums or dads, exploring a variety of stimulating, challenging and fun activities. Under the guidance of a Kinder Gym coach, each class features a wide array of activities which will not only improve the participant’s physical skills and attributes, but provide challenge and success to help develop self- esteem and confidence.

Junior Gym

Junior Gym classes are an introduction to gymnastics for children aged 3—5 years. Children participating in Junior Gym learn the basic skills on all gymnastics apparatus and the trampoline. These activities develop a wide variety of physical skills and abilities in a fun, challenging and exciting class. Unlike Kinder Gym, where the child participates alongside Mum or Dad, in Junior Gym children work in a group of up to 8 under the guidance of a coach, making friends and learning and developing important social skills.

Junior Beginner

The Junior Beginner Program bridges the gap between our Junior Gym program and the Beginner Recreational and is specifically for Kindergarten children. The classes follow a similar format to the Beginner Recreational program but do not include testing on in our Recreational Stages. Junior Beginner classes provide instruction in the basic skills on all gymnastics apparatus including bars, beams, tumbling and trampoline, as well including fun and challenging activities and games which improve strength, flexibility and coordination. Other benefits for children participating in our Junior Beginner program include learning how to work as a group and follow instructions such as following a circuit of activities.


Recreational classes cater for boys and girls who are in Year 1 and above. Initially they provide an introduction to gymnastics and then a progressive learning process through a series of graded classes. Children will develop gymnastics skills on all apparatus and the trampoline. Our recreational program consists of series of stages, skills within each of these stages are learnt in class throughout the term and are tested prior to the end of each term. On successful completion of all skills within a stage students receive a certificate acknowledging they have completed all skills and will progress to the next stage. 

Recreational Classes are graded according to the skill level of the student’s based on the stage they have achieved. (Please note movement to a higher class will occur at the beginning of the next term).

Our Recreational Structure -
Beginner Recreation – Stages 1 - 2
Intermediate Recreation – Stages 3- 5
Intermediate Recreation – Stage 5+
Advanced Recreation – Stages 8+
Advanced Skills – Stages 10+

Recreational classes not only offer gymnasts the opportunity to learn skills but also to develop a wide range of physical attributes including strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance, laying an excellent foundation for all competitive and non-competitive sports. Our recreational programs provide each gymnast with a fun and challenging program, designed to cater for a wide range of abilities and allow each individual to progress at his or her own pace, ensuring success, satisfaction and building confidence and self esteem.

Senior and Teen Recreational

Senior and Teen classes cater for older children from 9 – 12 years of age (Senior) and 12+ (Teen) who would like to learn gymnastics skills on a non-competitive basis. This class is also popular with dancers and cheerleaders who wish to learn tumbling skills and tricks. Teens who are looking for a fun fitness and strength program also enjoy these classes

Development Classes

Our club offers development programs for girls who display the physical attributes required for competitive gymnastics in the future. The development program will transition girls from our recreational programs into competitive gymnastics. The aim of this program is to develop and improve the physical and mental attributes needed to commence competitive gymnastics including strength, flexibility, power, co-ordination, concentration and application. Children who show the required attributes for competitive gymnasts are identified and selected into the development program by the coaching staff.  

Competitive Levels

Our club also provides a range of competitive programs for girls through participation in the Gymnastics Australia National Levels Program. The philosophy of Gymnastics Australia is “to provide a nationally supported program that provides appropriate pathways, which allows gymnasts irrespective of their ability to develop their full potential.” Our coaches will guide each gymnast into the competitive path best suited to their own ability and goals.  

The club currently has squads available from the Foundation Levels (Level 1-2) through to National Level 10. The philosophy of Sydney Academy is to provide a program which gives each gymnast the opportunity to reach their full potential in the sport of gymnastics. This objective is achieved by providing quality coaching and access to state of the art facilities and equipment.

Another important aspect of the Sydney Academy program is the ability to provide a wide range of classes, this enables students to be grouped according to their level of development and current ability ensuring students are continually challenged and successful.
Sydney Academy of Gymnastics has in a relatively short time established itself as one of Australia’s premier competitive gymnastics clubs. Their results speak for themselves, Sydney Academy has continuously produced more NSW team members than any other NSW club, as well as a large number of State and National Champions and Regional, State and National Medalists. Sydney Academy was the 2014 and 2015 overall champion club at the Australian National Club Championships.

Indoor  Gymnastics Club training session
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